Board of Selectmen

Bob McGarry


First Selectman


Bob McGarry has served his country in numerous leadership roles in the U.S. Coast Guard, including Commanding Officer, Chief Staff Officer, Operations Officer, and Director of Training and Consulting. Now retired, Bob wants to serve his beloved town of Haddam as First Selectman.

As a graduate of the Coast Guard Academy, with a degree in Civil Engineering, Bob served on active duty for 20 years, retiring as a Commander in l996. Bob and his wife Vivienne and their two children, Travis and Amanda, moved back to Haddam, and settled in Haddam Neck. Since returning, Bob has held positions as a Director of Northeast Utilities, a consultant with various government agencies and private companies, and as a Senior Manager with a State agency. He currently is an Associate Professor at Post University.

Bob is heavily involved in the community. He has been the Chief of the Haddam Neck Fire Department since 2002, is on the Board of Directors for the Haddam Neck Fair, and volunteers with the East Hampton Ambulance Association. In 2016, Bob was elected to the Board of Finance where he serves to this day. Bob is aware of the challenges faced by small businesses. He and Vivienne own Cold Goats Farm, raising sheep and Angora goats.

It is evident that Bob is a natural born leader with a commitment to serve his home country and community. Elect Bob McGarry to lead us forward, working together to continue the progress made in Haddam.

Bob has over 30 years of experience in federal, state and local governments.  He served for 20 years as a Coast Guard officer, and is in his 13th year as a manager for the State of Connecticut.  In addition, he is the Chief of the Haddam Neck Fire Department, a position that he has held for 13 years.  He is also the Vice-President of the Haddam Neck Fair Board of Directors.  Bob has developed and administered budgets ranging from a few thousand dollars to over a million dollars.  He is familiar with the intricacies of government financing, knows where to look, and what questions to ask.

Bob and his wife Vivienne have been residents of Haddam Neck since l996.  His volunteerism and dedication to the town have been a valuable resource.  He is known for his ability to get groups to work together productively.  He has the skills and experience we need to move Haddam forward together.  

Vote for Bob! 

Kate Anderson


Board of Selectmen


Kate Anderson is a proud lifelong resident of Haddam with a passion for community service. She graduated 10th in her class from HK in 2007 and worked for the Haddam Park & Recreation Department at an after-school program and summer camp continuously throughout high school and college. She started as a volunteer counselor-in-training at summer camp and worked her way up to Head Counselor for summer camp and the after-school program. Kate is excited to continue her service to the community by running for Selectman.

Kate is active in four Haddam committees. She is Chairman of the Economic Development Commission, Secretary of the Infrastructure Committee and Charter Revision Commission, and a member of the Plan of Conservation and Development Implementation Committee. Outside of Haddam, she is Secretary of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Connecticut Chapter and is a board member of the Connecticut Economic Development Association (CEDAS). In 2017, SMPS awarded Kate the first-ever Trailblazer Award in recognition of her leadership and positive attitude within SMPS.

Kate holds a BS in marketing from Central Connecticut State University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and from the Honors Program. She has over seven years’ experience working as a Marketing and Proposal Specialist in the architecture/engineering/construction industry. Her work has included coordinating team responses for professional services including engineering and construction management on over 300 proposals for municipalities and private companies. Kate looks forward to fostering a collaborative team approach for town management.

She asks for your support on November 5th. 

Board of Education

Shawna Goldfarb


 Board of Education


Shawna Goldfarb is a wife and mom of two boys whose family moved from Middlefield to Higganum 4 years ago. Her boys attend HK Middle School and have special needs. Shawna has worked very closely with the Special Education Department of Regional School District #17, helping her boys to be successful in school. She also supports both of her boys’ many hobbies, including having coached an HK Little League baseball team for 2 years.

For the past 8 years, Shawna has worked for King Arthur Flour as the Northeast Regional Sales Manager. In that capacity, she manages a multi-million-dollar sales region, working with food distributors, restaurants and bakeries, as well as supplying technical help to companies, and creating events for Culinary Schools such as Johnson and Wales.

Shawna was an active member of the Haddam Elementary School PTO, creating fun, educational cultural events for the students, along with managing fund-raising events. She continues to support the district, becoming a board member of the HK Youth and Family Services. She has also been very involved with the SaveHES group, working diligently with other members, the current Board of Education and the Board of Selectmen on the District’s budgets so she could gain a better understanding of where our tax dollars are being spent.

Shawna will strive to be a liaison for the residents of Haddam and the parents of the entire district by using her skills in business, her knowledge of Special Education, and her ability to listen and work with people to move District #17 forward.

Please vote for Shawna Goldfarb for Board of Education.

Peter Sonski


Board of Education


Peter Sonski and his family have been Haddam residents for 13 years and he has five children educated in Regional School District #17. Peter is active at St. Peter’s Church and in the Knights of Columbus. He coordinates three Red Cross Blood Drives in town annually. Peter was President of the Haddam-Killingworth Youth Football program, and continues to volunteer as a Little League Umpire.

Peter has a Master’s Degree in Business Management and is an Education Director at a New Haven museum. Before moving to Haddam, he served as a Selectman and Finance Board Chairman in Somers, Connecticut in addition to being a member of the town’s Infrastructure Committee. 

A quality school system is a benefit to everyone in our town. District #17 enjoys a superior reputation within Connecticut. It is the reason many parents move to Haddam. Maintaining excellence in education while managing the resources available will be an important priority for the board. Peter presently serves as Treasurer on the RSD #17 Board of Education and is seeking re-election.  He asks for your vote.

Jen Favalora


Board of Education

Jen Favalora and her husband Scott moved to Higganum nineteen years ago.   With two children in the school district, Jen has spent the last nine years as a full-time volunteer for our District #17 schools. She served as Vice President on the Burr PTO Board for four years and Vice President on the HKMS PTO Board for two years.  In those years she worked as their liaison to the administrators, the Superintendent, and the Board of Education. 

Jen majored in Communication Studies and moved to Connecticut after college to work at ESPN.  At ESPN, she managed staff and directed live television shows. Throughout her career Jen was also responsible for managing budgets, negotiating contracts and producing departmental communications. Two years ago Jen returned to work as a substitute teacher for District #17. She has spent her time as a District #17 employee building relationships and gaining insight into the issues in our schools today.

Jen additionally volunteers as Co-Chairman of the HKMS Craft Fair. She has been a soccer coach for both HK boys and girls, and also enjoyed volunteering on the Haddam Junior Women’s Club.  This year Jen was honored with the Sgt. George Dingwall Award for her volunteer work in our HK community. 

Serving on the Board of Education, Jen plans to use her experience and knowledge to ensure we are using our district resources wisely, bridge the gap in communications to our community, and bring us together as we move forward.

Vote for Jen Favalora on November 5th. 

Board of Finance

Wayne Rutty


Board of Finance

Wayne M. Rutty and his wife Susan have been lifelong residents of Haddam. They have raised their two sons in town. Wayne is retired from Middlesex Hospital where he worked for 40 years as the Project Manager. 

Wayne has been a member of the Board of Finance for the last 16 years, including serving as Chairman. He currently serves as an Alternate, and with his wealth of knowledge and experience, he is well-qualified to regain a position as a full member of the board.

In addition, Wayne was the Treasurer of the District #17 Board of Education, and a member for 4 years. He also served as Board Chairman of the Charter Revision Committee in 2017. Wayne has recently taken on the position of Senior Van Driver for the Town of Haddam.

Please vote for Wayne, a well-qualified candidate for the Board of Finance! 

Marc Adelberg


Board of Finance


Marc Adelberg is running for the privilege of representing you on the Board of Finance. He is a husband, a father, and your fellow neighbor who believes in civic duty through volunteering.   He has lived in Haddam for the past 7 years with his wife and 3 school age children.   He has an MBA degree and he currently works as a Division Administrator at Yale University.  Marc manages the business of a surgery group where he is responsible for a budget of $10 million.  When he lived in Bethany,
Connecticut, Marc served on several commissions and was on the Board of Directors of the Bethany Land Trust.  

Marc currently serves on the Finance Committee for the American Association of Surgical Administrators.   It is very important to elect the right person to the Board of Finance since the financial health of our town is critical to us all.  Marc is a fiscally conservative person by nature, so a priority for him is to maintain our AAA bond rating for the town since we have limited resources.  However, his vision is that it is important for us as a community to decide what investments we need to make in the town to bring us together. 

 Marc pledges that he will work hard for transparency regarding the financials of the town and how decisions are arrived at.  He also has a personal goal that he wants to champion what we can do to make the finances more easily understandable by improving the way the information is presented.  He has done this for his career, and would like to help accomplish this for our town.

Please vote for this well-qualified candidate in November. 

Dave Challenger


Board of Finance

Dave is running for full membership on the Board of Finance after previously serving as an alternate on that board. He believes it is important to maintain our infrastructure in a cost-effective manner, while assuring that our Fire and Public Works Departments have the proper equipment that they require to safely do their jobs and to provide services to our residents. By managing our limited financial resources effectively, he says that we can maintain our high AAA bond rating and provide the roads and services that we all need.  

Dave has lived in Higganum for 13 years, is married to his wife Sharon for 33 years, and has a son and daughter-in-law and three grand-children. He is well-qualified to serve since his career included employment at The Travelers Insurance Company, General Electric, Keane, and Aetna Insurance Company where he had financial and operations responsibilities and experience preparing and managing budgets of up to $35 million dollars. Since his retirement in 2013, Dave is a Moderator for the town elections in addition to serving as an alternate on the Board of Finance.

Dave asks for your support in November so he can contribute to this important work on the Board of Finance.

Prem Aithal


Board of Finance Alternate (6 year term)

Prem has been a resident of Higganum for almost 10 years. He lives with his wife Becky, a kindergarten teacher at RSD#17, and they have a lovely 6-year old daughter.

Prem currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Economic Development Commission and is a newer member of the Capital Planning Committee. He is working hard with the EDC team to make our Farmers' Market more vibrant. Prem is currently the Senior Finance Director at Anthem, Inc. He has been at Anthem for almost 15 years, working on the ever-changing Individual Segment which forces him to pivot and look for solutions on a daily basis. He has a CPA license, a BS degree in Accounting from Babson College, and a MS degree in Accounting from UConn. Most important to him, Prem is a cancer survivor and actively fundraises for the V Foundation, which uses 100% of its raised funds for cancer research. 

Prem asks for your vote for a 6-year term as a Board of Finance Alternate because he believes that he can help find creative solutions and help us reach new heights by working together as a team.

Audrey Brookes


Board of Finance Alternate (2 year term)

Audrey Brookes and her husband Scott are lifelong residents of Haddam. They share four adult children, all graduates of Haddam-Killingworth High School. Audrey has spent many years volunteering in the community. She currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Village Parks Society. 

For the last 28 years Audrey has worked in accounts receivable and presently works for Apple Rehab as an AR Coordinator. She is seeking the alternate seat for the Board of Finance this November and is asking for your support. 

Planning and Zoning Commission

Jamin Laurenza


Planning & Zoning Commission


As current Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission, Jamin played an integral role in the interview process of the ARC Review Committee and hiring our new Town Planner.  As a ten-year veteran to the Commission, the knowledge and experience that he brings to the table is instrumental as he continues to see Haddam move forward to a better balance of residential and commercial development.

Jamin is an influential member of the Commission; he works hard to keep lines of communication open with all applicants and residents, working towards a positive balance for both while keeping within regulations.  He’s proud to have businesses like GCI or otherwise remain in town and not look elsewhere to expand.  And while the closing of HES is upon us, Jamin looks forward to working with the town to move Higganum Center in a direction that will further prosper, as it once did.  He supports our small-town USA status and feel, however there needs to be positive business growth and development to help with the tax base.

Jamin takes pride in being a lifelong resident of Haddam, it’s where he and his wife call home and raise their family.  He attended American International College in Springfield, MA earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.  He is very involved in the community and local youth sports.  Jamin is a volunteer soccer coach and truly enjoys having a positive influence on his players.  Jamin encourages you to vote for common sense in shaping Haddam for a brighter future.  Common sense, vote for Jamin. 

Steve Bull


Planning & Zoning Commission

Steve is a long-time resident of Higganum.  He was born here and attended HES through 4th grade.  In l982, he returned with his then wife Marcie, and raised three children on Skunk Misery Road.

Steve has been a Planning & Zoning Commissioner since 2007, just in time to catch the tail end of the previous Plan of Conservation and Development.  He chaired the most recent POCD, and currently heads up the POCD Implementation Committee.

The pleasure that Steve gets from serving as a Commissioner is hearing and meeting with many townspeople he would never have had the chance to meet and discuss their plans, suggestions, and arguments over various issues.  Recently the P&Z Commission had the opportunity to write regulations for the Higganum and Tylerville villages.  The process was not without its issues, but that process and the deliberations and compromises that were made resulted in regulations that we all can live with.

Liz Glidden implemented many great things for the town.  Steve expects that our new town planner Bill Warner will do the same. He is looking forward to working with Bill so that there will be many more great things for this town.

Re-elect Steve Bull!

Dan Luisi


Planning & Zoning Commission

Dan moved from West Hartford to Haddam 26 years ago.  He chose Haddam for its rural country feel, yet with close access for commuting to his business.  He started Dan's Customs Counters in 1984 when he was 24 years old, and had to survive in many different economies to keep the doors open for 35 years.

Dan is running for the Planning & Commission to try and keep to the values of our country town while still maintaining growth with a common sense approach.  With Higganum Center, we have to be practical and do what makes sense for our town and its residents while keeping taxes down.  With manufacturing all but gone in town, we have to think of new ways to create population to support more business while maintaining our town's charm.  We all agree that we love our town.

Vote for Dan! 

Larry Maggi


Planning & Zoning Alternate

As our current Haddam Selectman, Larry Maggi has the relevant experience and knowledge to be well-qualified to serve as Alternate on the Planning & Zoning Commission. He is the owner and operator of Fireworks Hearth and Home and also All Equipment & Party Rental on Bridge Street in the Tylerville section of Haddam. That makes him a successful local businessman for over 25 years.

Larry has served on numerous boards and organizations. He has been a member of the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce, Haddam and East Haddam Division for about 15 years. As a 25- year member of the Haddam Lions Club, he acted as President and Vice-President. In addition, Larry served on the Haddam Youth Center Board of Directors, and was an Assistant Basketball Coach for Haddam Parks and Recreation. If you see new American flags flying along Haddam’s Saybrook Road, Larry was instrumental in organizing the Flags Across Haddam project.

Larry Maggi loves the town he lives in. He believes that his experience as an established business owner and as a current Selectman help to foster good relationships between town businesses in Haddam and our town villages. There are a great many opportunities coming up for Haddam, and Larry believes that he can contribute to positive growth for Haddam, while keeping in mind the values and atmosphere of our lovely town.

Larry respectfully asks for your vote on November 5th.

Alan Chadwick


Planning & Zoning Alternate


Alan Chadwick is a retired Engineering and Facility Manager, having spent over thirty years working for a local turbine blade manufacturer.  Starting as an apprentice tool and die worker, Alan returned to academia to earn an AS degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Waterbury State Technical College, a BS degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Utah State University, and an MBA degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Hartford, Connecticut.

   Alan and his wife Lori moved to Higganum in l976 where they raised their family before moving to East Hampton in 2005.  Last year they moved back to Haddam and are currently building a home in town to be near their two children and five grand-children.

   During his years in Higganum, Alan acted as his own General Contractor building two houses, remodeling three older homes, and building another home in East Hampton.  Alan is a 40-year member of the Higganum Congregational Church where as a trustee, he worked with a team successfully adding classrooms and remodeling the social room of the church.

   As a Planning and Zoning Commission Alternate, Alan's knowledge, background and experiences with construction would help the commission with the many challenges ahead restoring Higganum Center and other Planning and Zoning projects throughout Haddam.


With such great qualifications, vote for Alan Chadwick! 

Zoning Board of Appeals

Ken Wendt


Zoning Board of Appeals


Ken has resided in Higganum for the past 37 years since graduating from UConn with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He is currently self-employed in Color-control Instrument Sales and has a background in Product Management and Quality Measurement Technology.

Ken bought his home in 1982 because of its historic character and the quiet, rural Higganum community. His wife, Catherine, is a teacher at the Haddam-Killingworth Middle School, and his three children have all graduated from HK High School. Ken serves as Treasurer at Higganum Congregational Church.

Ken seeks to maintain his position on the Zoning Board of Appeals to preserve the attractive character of our rural community, while realizing the need for appropriate development to strengthen our tax base. It would be his privilege to serve the Town of Haddam on the Zoning Board of Appeals for another term following his participation as a member for the past 10 years.

Re-elect Ken!

Joe Laurenza


Zoning Board of Appeals

Joe Laurenza and his wife Wendy have lived in Haddam for over 40 years. They are the parents of Jamin (Chairman of the Planning & Zoning Commission) and Jody, and they have 4 grandchildren.

Joe has served on several town committees including the Inland Wetlands Commission, the Planning & Zoning Commission, the HK Pool Committee working on pool renovations, and the HK Booster Club. He was also President of the Middlesex County 4H Tractor Pullers. Joe retired from SNET and AT&T after 30 years as a Lineman and Outside Plant Technician. He is a founding member of the Haddam Civic League which produces the daily website Haddam-Killingworth Now and the free local newspaper Haddam News.

Vote for Joe on November 5th. He wants to see Haddam continue to prosper!

Margo Chase-Wells


Zoning Board of Appeals


Margo has served two terms as a Commissioner on Planning and Zoning, and two terms on the Zoning Board of Appeals. Her experience deemed from these years of service well qualify her for another term on the ZBA.

Margo and her husband of 41 years have lived in Haddam since l983, and have embraced its small-town intimate feel. Margo has served on several boards and as a coach in Haddam youth sports of baseball, football, and soccer. She is the founder of Haddam T-ball, and taught for Haddam Park & Rec. Margo is a retired physical education instructor with a BS degree and an MS degree from Southern Connecticut State University. She spent 14 years as Secretary of the Ct Association of Retired Teachers and President of the Middlesex County Retired Teachers Association.

Margo either has, or is currently running fundraisers for Breast Cancer Awareness, Cystic Fibrosis, Epilepsy Foundation, Red Cross, and Ct. State Employees’ Charities. She currently serves on several church boards and teaches Pickleball to Veterans. She is also a busy Justice of the Peace. “I love being involved with the Haddam Community,” she admits.

Vote for Margo to continue her service on the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Tony Matterazzo


Zoning Board of Appeals, Alternate

Tony is seeking re-election to the Zoning Board of Appeals as an Alternate. He and his wife have been Haddam residents for almost 40 years. He has been involved as Commissioner, Coach, and Equipment Manager for the Haddam Youth Football and Baseball Organizations.

Tony was employed as a Logistics and Materials Manager for over 25 years at a chemical company as well as working for another 6 years as Organizer and Business Manager at a Massachusetts corporation. 

With his past experience, skills, and knowledge serving on the Zoning Board of Appeals, Tony asks for your vote to re-elect him on November 5th.

Tax Collector

Kristin Battistoni


Since moving to Haddam in 2003, Kristin and her husband Mike have made many wonderful friends in town. They both have become deeply involved in the community and volunteer for many organizations. Kristin first ran for the position of Tax Collector when her daughter Brigitte and son Alex began kindergarten. This was a way for her to get back into the work force after staying home with them. They are now starting their last year at Haddam-Killingworth Middle School.

Over the past eight years, Kristin has made some updates to how the office is run. You now have the capability to use credit cards not only on line, but also in the office. Our website has been upgraded and you can now look up payment history for the past three years. An IRS function is added so you can see what was paid for that given year. She has also started using a lock box during collection time. With this change, we are able to have payments processed much quicker and have payments deposited in a timely manner during our busy time. 

These technology changes have helped Kristin keep her collection rate close to 99%. Her focus over the past eight years has been to really get residents to understand the process of taxes.  She wants you to know what needs to be done when dealing with the DMV, what needs to be done buying and selling a house or moving out of town. 

Kristin loves working for you in the Tax Office. She loves meeting new residents and seeing friends that come for a visit every year. Working in the community of Haddam is a special opportunity that not many have the privilege of doing. She promises to work hard for the residents of Haddam, Higganum and Haddam Neck over the next four years.

Notice her 99% tax collection rate, and RE-ELECT KRISTIN FOR HADDAM TAX COLLECTOR!

Board of Assessment Appeals

David Beckman


 As your elected representative for the Haddam Board of Assessment Appeals, my promise to you is to listen, study the data and arrive at an equitable decision. I feel my 16 years in the mortgage business as a loan officer and Branch Manager, owning a business previously as well as investment properties will help with providing a balanced approach to the board. I have lived in Higganum for the last 15 years with my wife Jamie and 8-year-old son Hudson. I enjoy skiing, mountain biking and spending time with family and friends.